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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Free Horse Racing System No. 2

I said I'd do it and I have, I must be mad. That's 2 free systems and almost 500 points at SP in the last 5 years for FREE.

If you're an experienced bettor the system rules are shown to the left and you can get the selections from the racing post or horseracebase. If you're new to the blog then you might like to familiarise yourself with the following post detailing the last free system rules and HRB setup information.

This time were are dealing with handicaps in Jump racing codes but the theme of the system is similar to the flat system before. The theme is fitness and odds values. We are basically outsmarting the majority punter's view on the race by spotting the value in the odds that were missed by the said majority.

Horses that placed 3rd 4th and 5th last time out and the fallers (an inevitable part of jump racing), unseated riders and those horses that were pulled up etc. Most of these will go off "underbet" or at value prices on their next outing. Add these factors together and watch for the trainer running them at peak fitness.

We are looking for the trainer to enter them quickly (within 5 days of their last race) to capitalise on a horse that is likely peaking in fitness. We are also looking for horses that have had more than 5 runs in the last year thereby proving they are race fit (not too frequently raced though). The last part of the system deals with experienced horses. 3 and 4 year olds are not considered for this system due to having much less experience compared to other older runners.

Here's the basic screenshots for setting up in HRB (follow the 9 tick boxes). More detailed instructions can be found once again in the post detailing the previous free system.

There's one more tick-box, right next to the GO button.

传奇sf手机版Now that there's two free systems to start you off it would be nice to take a look at the past performance and betting strategies to use. As with the other free system it would be a huge advantage to take the early prices on the lower priced qualifiers. I can't prove it without running live tests but I would be 90% sure to beat the sp prices on most of the winners. Also the systems both use a cutoff value at SP of 4/1 below which the prices become break even or even worse a loss. I do know for a fact that there will be selections that start well below our value point which will have been available at much higher prices earlier in the day.

传奇sf手机版By getting a price above 4/1 for a runner that goes off under 4/1 should be left in play as the value is automatically inherent in the selection although it might not be an official qualifier. This happened last week and the selection went on to win. Or you could decide to just scalp the value by having a free bet or what's commonly known as a back to lay. Maybe you backed a horse at 7/1 early price and then notice it's 3/1 on betfair just before the off. You could lay off for the same stake and scalp the value in a free bet. There are many ways to use this approach.

On the 18/1 and over selections it would be wise to place a bet at betfair sp or just place the bet a minute or so before the off because the betfair prices on these is usually way higher on average thus giving guaranteed value in the bet. Even so the profit from both systems has been over 450 points to just ordinary SP bets.

传奇sf手机版So then here's a detailing each bet to SP and included is a ratchet staking plan that would have returned over £40,000 in 5 years from an initial investment of £1k. Don't forget to put me on your Christmas card list!

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches....

Don't forget tomorrow is d-day for free system no.2. Meanwhile there's a qualifier today from the first free system (details elsewhere on the blog): Fateful Attraction 18:50 Kempton available now at 7/1 advised price.

The second system compliments the first in that this time it's based on Jumps rather than the Flat racing. Here's the stats to whet your appetite: Qualifiers: 339 Wins: 55 Profit to SP: 207.

Friday, 13 February 2009

How To Use Hrb With James Bond's Free System

Maybe, just maybe you've decided to give the horrendously cheap HRB a go and need a helping hand to set up the free racing system and get the qualifiers quickly and easily. Read on.....

To build your system using the horseracebase system builder you will need to log on to and click on the "Builder Settings" link from the top menu. Please forgive the patronising tone of the tutorial I'm no teaching expert.

The first thing I suggest to do is manage your login time with the builder settings. Set HRB to "Use Cookies" so that you are kept logged in for the whole time needed to complete this mission.

Now you're ready to click the "System Builder" link, again from the top menu.

Once you've done this you will find a huge array of tick-boxes (see below). Fear not Mr. Punter in the next picture I'll show you which boxes to tick and which to leave blank. In fact we will be using a total of 14 categories.

I've highlighted the boxes to tick in a rather tasteful shitty pink ha ha. (Click on the pic to enlarge it and use your browser back button to get back to this page when you're done).

Once you're done ticking the relevant boxes scroll down to the bottom right and press the big orange, you've been Tango'd "GO" button. You should then arrive at the "Quickset Page" where you'll need to put the correct values into the tick boxes and drop down menus. Cue the next screenshot and the shitty pink rinse as applied to the screenshot where you need to alter the values as per the picture below. Again just click the picture to enlarge it and use your back button to reverse back here.

Yes folks you've guessed it next thing is to click the "yellow" button. You've been Lemonaded LOL. And you'll soon have the System Builder - "Select Action" page loaded onscreen. This is where we proceed to the final analysis and the "save system" part of the process. The results you get will differ slightly to mine as there may have been new qualifiers added to the system since I took the screen-shot on 11th February 09. Your systems criteria should be showing just like mine does on the right hand side of the screen. At this point rather than pressing the "skip and save" button, tick the "Run Query" box and Tango the go button.

Congratulations! Nearly there...Tango the "Run Query" button........

And you should end up with a profit and loss screen similar (if not better) to mine....

传奇sf手机版To save your new masterpiece push the button marked "notify me" highlighted in pink and all you need is to name it something like "James Bond" ha ha. Click on "Slot 1" and the job's a goodun. If you can now navigate to the "Manage Systems" page you'll be able to check for any qualifiers today. Good luck!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Munch Bunch Credit Crunch

Hopefully you've acquainted yourself with the Free Horse Racing System that I put up on the blog in the wee hours of this morning. As previously mentioned I wrote of a where you could set the system rules up to automatically give you all the potential qualifiers for the system. is the site to which I was referring and hopefully you've seen the benefits of the system as part of a racing systems portfolio. I'll put this into perspective right here and now using the said system would have given you a huge return on investment over the last 10 years. I never mentioned it would make you rich however.

Let's take an imaginary amount of money, lets say £1,000, and put it into an imaginary bank account that paid an imaginary (downright hallucinatory imo) 10% interest. I urge you to try this it's an real eye opener - and try it for yourself.

You should end up with the same result. A final balance of "£2707.40" or nearly treble the initial investment. If you can get 10% from a bank right now please let me know immediately传奇sf手机版. So hypothetically no work was done to earn the money except maybe to walk to and from the bank in the first place to make the initial deposit.

传奇sf手机版O.k. now compare that to the racing system outlined earlier using a non aggressive staking plan of using a 100 point bank and ratchet stakes after each and every time the bank reaches a new high. Here's the to the spreadsheet. By clicking the third tab called "ratchet" you'll see this in action. I've set the stake limit to £100 so as to give a realistic comparison.

As you can see from the box entitled "new bank" a compounded amount of £23,335.86 is the end result. You do see my point? And given the recent munch bunch credit crunch the banks are worse gamblers than many of the racing punters anyway. Aren't they? Of bloody course they are!! Let's not get political ha ha....

I can show anyone how to set this system up in Horseracebase but you'll need to get over there and have your account enabled by Chris first. then get your ass back here and I'll show you how it's done. Yes there's a little bit more work to be completed than just walking to a bank and back but I think you'll agree that 10 minutes a day on average would return a huge reward. However I can show you a way to easily treble those profits with very little risk and a modicum of imagination.

Professional gambling has more than a touch of the "black arts" label stuck to it but it's not as hard as some people make it out to be. In the next article I'll explain how best to stake this system. Ciao for now!

The Best Kept Racing Systems Builder "Secret" On The Net

Most times when reading horse racing forums and other such "punter" sources of info you often hear about the very excellent and very free (up to a point) Adrian Massey horse racing site. A great source of information, statistics and ratings it undeniably is but are there any cheap and better alternatives to Massey in the vast sea of horse-racing sites out there?

Quite simply there are very very few. The most popular site for British punters is the racing post but with recent (crap) upgrades and a rumoured "soon to be a pay per view site" the options for the ordinary punters are looking.... well, Pathetic.

That's not quite true, hold your horses, ahem...

There is one very good site out there, it's been kept a secret by the elite few (ha ha!) until now. To put it plainly and without too much rhetoric the options you can wield using this site are quite simply VAST.

O.k. forget the hype! I would tell you now that there's too many options included on this site for the average Joe to handle and that's no joke. That's why in this game you should always specialise, whether it be in handicaps and form reading or trends and statistics and for me it's obviously systems. The site I shall now reveal is capable of supplying all the above and more.

TA DA! is the place I'm on about. Maybe you've seen it already? Maybe not, either way keep reading and I'll show you some of the features you've been missing.

Horseracebase in simple terms is an online horse racing database which presently stretches back to the beginning of 2003.

But in reality simple it is not because there are a large range of tools attached to the front end of the database which anyone can use to manipulate the data in a myriad of different ways to give many different perspectives on a typical day's races. Irish racing is included too. (Bonus!)

After logging in, the members area navigation bar has a few drop down menus that can be used to browse the entire site. In the screenshot to the right you can see the options available to the user, some of which I'll be exploring further.

Clicking the "Cards and Analysis" button brings the viewer directly to the page where the form reading tools are grouped together for easy navigation.

The racecard option brings up a screen such as the next one shown below. From these dynamic pages you can also keep the same racecard open but using the drop-down menu you can load the next tool for that racecard e.g. Jockey Stats or maybe you want to view the going statistics for each runner in the race. You would use the drop down menu to load the appropriate view. Each time the relevant runners remain on screen for your on-going analysis of the runners in the race.

You can even choose to view the entire days ratings on one page and again using the drop-down menus you can scroll through the various tools to access the ones you need at that precise moment. You can even sort the columns by using another drop-down box. For instance you might want to sort the card by forecast odds - Job done!! When you're finished, use the export to excel function to further manipulate data directly on your hard disc.

Included in the racecards are the HRB form ratings. Without going into too much detail as to what these actually are in this article, it would be easier to tell those readers in the know that you can add your own form ratings to the cards or even adjust the existing ratings criteria. Included in the database is a "ratings machine" which you can use to alter the existing ratings to suit your own interpretations of form lines - how cool is that?

All the trainers jockeys and horses are "clickable" so that you can dig further into from lines if you so wish and it all happens pretty quickly and easily. You can even open multiple tabs in your browser and have a different "large" view showing in each one. That's not so easily done using a desktop horseracing database program let me tell you.

There are even tools that allow you to follow the form of a horse/horses in the future. Maybe you want to see if the winner of a previous race will have his form "franked" by the runners up? It's all possible using the tools provided.

If you're into trend analysis the race histories page is for you. All the major races in the calendar are at your beck and call. In the this previous article some of the Grand National trends were examined.

By now I think you're beginning to see the massive benefits Horseracebase have to offer even the average punter. But It doesn't end there. My own favourite part of HRB is the system builder which I can tell you with conviction is absolutely enormous!!

There are 299 categories that can be combined in almost infinite combinations to extrapolate profitable data from yesterday's racing trends. You can combine elements from the last 5 runs of any horse/horses in any combination. Or you could look at the last time any horse won and compare it with today's data. The possibilities are almost endless. The builder is organised into two distinct sections shown in the screen-shot below.

Included in the system builder is the digger. It's a tool that is completely unique to HRB and can be used in a million and one ways. In the example below I've used it to examine profitable relationships between Uk trainers and jockeys, handicaps/non handicaps.

Doh!! Did I just give more profit away? Ah well if anyone tries to tell you that a system will become unprofitable in the longer term as everyone subsequently jumps on the same bandwagon and forces the odds to shorten over time then take them outside and shoot them!!! Twice!!

The public uses so many different criteria in their search for a winner that most systems just become part of the "market consciousness". The bookies couldn't care less about these apparent system trends. In fact they just want to balance their books on the day so that the liabilities are covered and a profit is guaranteed regardless who wins.

After a hard days night searching for profit using this pretty amazing racing systems builder you are given a raft of options highlighting the vital statistics for your system/s. The longest winning run, the longest losing run, the most profitable month, it's all there for the viewing.

When your eyes can no longer take the strain and you want to save your system. Each user is allocated a bank of 30 slots into which each system's criteria can be saved. From the System Slots page all the days qualifiers can be viewed or downloaded to a spreadheet so there's no hassle for retrieveing system selections each day Genius!!

The site owner Chris Bagnall is a jovial sort of fella and I managed to catch up with him to ask him a few questions.

Can you give the readers more info about yourself / your background and how you came to set up

Yeah sure, I'm from just near to Glasgow originally but live in Dublin now with my family. Ive always been office-based but fanatical about sports, particularly horse racing and football. I learned some computer programming at college and when I became frustrated with the rip off culture/lack of decent resources for punting on the horses I decided to build a database. Everything has just escalated from there really, it naturally progressed into HorseRaceBase and by working with people who came and visited I invested more time and learned new things etc and just kept building the site up.

Horseracebase is a very dynamic database in terms of capabilities, which tool or tools (apart from the system builder as a whole) would in your estimation be the most profitable for a beginner/ intermediate to concentrate on?

Certainly the most popular for those just ‘popping in’ and beginners are the daily tools. The ratings often indicate the value horse in a race and simple stats such as the going/distance analysis make it easy to spot a runner who stands out. Another very popular tool for starters is the Hot Races function as it tells you straight away which races are working out well and people like to pick these out and follow them with My Races.
Let’s just say I’m a newbie to system building, what are your top tips or strategies for getting started with the system builder?

It might sound boring but my honest answer is to take the time to learn what each of the functions does. Its genuinely really simple and once you have the hang of it, its such a powerful facility that it becomes natural to start answering your own questions and finding systems. I'm in the process of adding some new help pages and examples to illustrate best use.
Do you personally advocate the use of systems in your own betting strategies or do you use Horseracebase strictly as a “form study” tool?

Its definitely a form study tool but yeah I follow systems also. The way I operate is I have many systems on the go at once. Put it this way – if you had ten systems, each of which had produced profit for the past 12 months and you decided to follow all ten – it isn't unrealistic to expect at least some of them to continue this trend. My genuine experiences are that they do and with correct staking and common sense its not difficult. Its not easy either and you will have some losing patches, so patience is the key.
The “Donation” price for Horseracebase is currently set at a very reasonable £5 per month are there any plans in the future to raise the price given the amazing value for money you are giving subscribers at the moment?

No, most donors do give more, but its up to them.
I’ve noticed that the ratings have been removed from the system builder, which in my opinion is a great loss. Are there any future plans for Horseracebase e.g A faster server to be able to re-integrate the excellent ratings?

It's not actually a server issue, its to do with how they are worked out and the fact they need to be compared to all within the same race on a mass scale. Unfortunately we had some idiots continually hitting the key pages and as they took a few seconds to load each time it was slowing the site. They will be back but an honest answer is I don’t know when.

How do you envisage Horseracebase in say 2 or 3 years from now?

With existing facilities improved and more features added. Using the feedback we get from our loyal members and the donations they give being utilised towards adding more data, software etc, these things as I already mentioned just happen naturally. We’ve only been online for a very short time and have developed so much, therefore 2-3 years will see some massive enhancements.
Kauto-Star or Denman for the 2009 Gold Cup?

If the conditions are similar it has to be Denman I guess. Based on the head to head last year and the fact Kauto was outclassed, but obviously this weekends comprehensive defeat and the operation recovery are a worry. Will be interesting, that’s for sure!

So then, whether you're into racing form, trends or systems is one amazing place for racing enthusiasts and although it's not free you won't find better value for money for a fiver anywhere guaranteed!! In fact I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of profit (if any) in it for Mr Bagnall except the feeling of satisfaction of doing a brilliant job.

P.S.There's also a good natured forum attached to the site and the members are very good at collaborating and passing good info on the day's racing.

Free Money, Fill Yer Boots!!

Yes I know hype Hype HYPE!!!!!

Worry not earthlings the time has come for me to spew forth that which I have been promising for a week. There's no turning back now. One of my own strategies for profit is about to be revealed. I hope that you'll appreciate what's to come given the poor reputation that horse racing systems have endured since clickbank, ecover frog and affiliates were invented. Over-hyped, Over-Priced and Over-here I think you'll agree best sums up 99.99% of the commercially available systems out there. So what makes this one so different to the others apart form the err.. free price tag?

For starters it's not based on a short term trend that's going to burn out soon. This racing system has been used in various permutations down the years I'm quite sure. The data used to build the system stretches back 10 years. Many form readers have used part of this system inadvertently or deliberately but they're mostly looking for value and I'm quite sure that's why the system actually works. The standard test for any sports gambling system is the ability to make profit to bookies sp using level stakes over a sustained period of time. Well in my opinion anyway. If a system can beat the bookies price at the off then it's got an automatic level of "gambling value" built in from the outset.

We're essentially looking for horses that are at peak fitness and are able to improve enough to win their next race without having to resort to the dreaded form reading which can be a lengthy process. Although now I've written that down I can see that the system could probably be improved on just by reading the form of the qualifying selections on the day as there wouldn't be too much work to do. There were 2 qualifiers in the last two days, both of which came 2nd. Second itis!!

So without further ado here are the rules that will duplicate the results in the spreadsheet which is provided below:

1: Flat and A/W Handicap Races Only

2: Horse must have finished exactly 3rd last time out

3: Race distance should be 6 furlongs or more

4: Horse must be between and include 4 to 7 years old

5: Horse must have run less than 7 days ago

6: The 2nd to last run of the horse must have been between and including 11 and 45 days ago

7: The Jockey must not be claiming over 5lbs

8: No Nurseries, claimers, sellers novices etc...

9: Horse must have a draw/stall between 1 and 10 inclusive

10: NO bets in November - have a holiday ha ha ha!!!

11: Betting Sp's between 4/1 and 25/1

O.k. then people here's the craic: Rules 1 to 5 are rigid. Rules 6 to 11 can be tweaked to varying degrees. The reason for the first 5 rules are: Betting value, fitness and race experience. It would seem that quick returners that came 1st and 2nd last time out tend to go off as over-bet favourites with all the betting value eroded in the skinny prices. The system identifies 3rd placed quick returners coupled with a lower price cut off set at 4/1. This ensures that this horse racing system takes it's main value from able and experienced horses (4 to 7 years old) under-bet in-form, possible improver's peaking in race fitness *what a mouthful*. None of these runners have suffered a handicappers penalty from their last run either.

Some of you are reading the rules to the system and thinking about how to go about getting the qualifiers from the racing post everyday? Well the answer is that it can be done but it's a boring task to do. That's where it becomes more profitable for someone who wants the extra money that gambling can provide and why many systems are never over-bet. Laziness on the part of the punter. Mugs ring Thommo's tipping line simply because it's easier to lose money than it is to win it. FACT. Just ask Gerry Attric.

Well you don't have to be one of the one's to constantly miss out. This system won't make you rich overnight but as part of a racing system's portfolio It could damn well put a big bunce in your pockets over the span of the rest of your gambling lifetime. So how does one go about making the process of finding the system's selections easier? How is one supposed to go about betting on these, how should one organise one's betting bank to maximise profits and protect against losing runs? See the related posts heading below.

Here's the spreadsheet for the results going back 10 years.

Update 10th Feb '09:

Qualifiers to date: 1020
Strike Rate: 16%
Highest Odds: 25/1 Lowest Odds: 4/1
Profit To 1 Point Level Stakes: 375
Return On Investment: 37%!!!
Longest Losing Run: 26 (once)
Losing Run Of 20 or More: 3 times
Losing Run Of 15 or More: 10 times
Losing Run of 10 or more: 34 times

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What's The Story Morning Glory?

There's nothing like a good babe pic to grab you by the balls huh?

Well now you're here I'd just like to update you on the free racing system that I will be giving away on the blog tomorrow. I've managed to find an online resource where you can get the qualifiers on a daily basis for almost NO work whatsoever. NO trawling through the snail-paced racing post. NO worries about interpreting the rules incorrectly. NO sitting at the computer screen all day. Yada yada yada......
Are you still with me?

Good coz here's some of the stats:

Years: 10
Qualifiers to date: 1020
Strike Rate: 16%
Highest Odds: 25/1 Lowest Odds: 4/1
Profit To 1 Point Level Stakes: 375
Return On Investment: 37%!!!
Longest Losing Run: 26 (once)
Losing Run Of 20 or More: 3 times
Losing Run Of 15 or More: 10 times
Losing Run of 10 or more: 34 times

All the filthy cash making details will be online tomorrow! LOL

Monday, 9 February 2009

Update - Free Horseracing System

Well I did promise every reader a free horse racing system this week so here's where it's at:

Keep your eyes on the blog for Thursday and all will be revealed.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Free Horse Racing System

Morning chaps and chapesses just a quick heads up to let you know that I'm going to give away a free horse racing system next week. It's not a piece of rubbish, this is a genuine profit making system with an easy set of rules that can be tested on any free site such as Adrian Massey. Included will be a spreadsheet of results detailing the P&L going back to 1997 and a set of reasons as to why the system works.

There will be more written about this nearer the time but suffice to say one year recorded a profit to bookies sp of 109 points!! Miss this at your peril. Just before anyone pipes up - No I'm not Stephen Brookes from the Rochdale gang so I won't be spamming you with the latest "betfair shitbox" system . Cheers :)