Friday, 13 February 2009

How To Use Hrb With James Bond's Free System

Maybe, just maybe you've decided to give the horrendously cheap HRB a go and need a helping hand to set up the free racing system and get the qualifiers quickly and easily. Read on.....

To build your system using the horseracebase system builder you will need to log on to and click on the "Builder Settings" link from the top menu. Please forgive the patronising tone of the tutorial I'm no teaching expert.

The first thing I suggest to do is manage your login time with the builder settings. Set HRB to "Use Cookies" so that you are kept logged in for the whole time needed to complete this mission.

Now you're ready to click the "System Builder" link, again from the top menu.

Once you've done this you will find a huge array of tick-boxes (see below). Fear not Mr. Punter in the next picture I'll show you which boxes to tick and which to leave blank. In fact we will be using a total of 14 categories.

I've highlighted the boxes to tick in a rather tasteful shitty pink ha ha. (Click on the pic to enlarge it and use your browser back button to get back to this page when you're done).

Once you're done ticking the relevant boxes scroll down to the bottom right and press the big orange, you've been Tango'd "GO" button. You should then arrive at the "Quickset Page" where you'll need to put the correct values into the tick boxes and drop down menus. Cue the next screenshot and the shitty pink rinse as applied to the screenshot where you need to alter the values as per the picture below. Again just click the picture to enlarge it and use your back button to reverse back here.

Yes folks you've guessed it next thing is to click the "yellow" button. You've been Lemonaded LOL. And you'll soon have the System Builder - "Select Action" page loaded onscreen. This is where we proceed to the final analysis and the "save system" part of the process. The results you get will differ slightly to mine as there may have been new qualifiers added to the system since I took the screen-shot on 11th February 09. Your systems criteria should be showing just like mine does on the right hand side of the screen. At this point rather than pressing the "skip and save" button, tick the "Run Query" box and Tango the go button.

Congratulations! Nearly there...Tango the "Run Query" button........

And you should end up with a profit and loss screen similar (if not better) to mine....

To save your new masterpiece push the button marked "notify me" highlighted in pink and all you need is to name it something like "James Bond" ha ha. Click on "Slot 1" and the job's a goodun. If you can now navigate to the "Manage Systems" page you'll be able to check for any qualifiers today. Good luck!

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