Thursday, 12 February 2009

Free Money, Fill Yer Boots!!

Yes I know hype Hype HYPE!!!!!

Worry not earthlings the time has come for me to spew forth that which I have been promising for a week. There's no turning back now. One of my own strategies for profit is about to be revealed. I hope that you'll appreciate what's to come given the poor reputation that horse racing systems have endured since clickbank, ecover frog and affiliates were invented. Over-hyped, Over-Priced and Over-here I think you'll agree best sums up 99.99% of the commercially available systems out there. So what makes this one so different to the others apart form the err.. free price tag?

For starters it's not based on a short term trend that's going to burn out soon. This racing system has been used in various permutations down the years I'm quite sure. The data used to build the system stretches back 10 years. Many form readers have used part of this system inadvertently or deliberately but they're mostly looking for value and I'm quite sure that's why the system actually works. The standard test for any sports gambling system is the ability to make profit to bookies sp using level stakes over a sustained period of time. Well in my opinion anyway. If a system can beat the bookies price at the off then it's got an automatic level of "gambling value" built in from the outset.

We're essentially looking for horses that are at peak fitness and are able to improve enough to win their next race without having to resort to the dreaded form reading which can be a lengthy process. Although now I've written that down I can see that the system could probably be improved on just by reading the form of the qualifying selections on the day as there wouldn't be too much work to do. There were 2 qualifiers in the last two days, both of which came 2nd. Second itis!!

So without further ado here are the rules that will duplicate the results in the spreadsheet which is provided below:

1: Flat and A/W Handicap Races Only

2: Horse must have finished exactly 3rd last time out

3: Race distance should be 6 furlongs or more

4: Horse must be between and include 4 to 7 years old

5: Horse must have run less than 7 days ago

6: The 2nd to last run of the horse must have been between and including 11 and 45 days ago

7: The Jockey must not be claiming over 5lbs

8: No Nurseries, claimers, sellers novices etc...

9: Horse must have a draw/stall between 1 and 10 inclusive

10: NO bets in November - have a holiday ha ha ha!!!

11: Betting Sp's between 4/1 and 25/1

O.k. then people here's the craic: Rules 1 to 5 are rigid. Rules 6 to 11 can be tweaked to varying degrees. The reason for the first 5 rules are: Betting value, fitness and race experience. It would seem that quick returners that came 1st and 2nd last time out tend to go off as over-bet favourites with all the betting value eroded in the skinny prices. The system identifies 3rd placed quick returners coupled with a lower price cut off set at 4/1. This ensures that this horse racing system takes it's main value from able and experienced horses (4 to 7 years old) under-bet in-form, possible improver's peaking in race fitness *what a mouthful*. None of these runners have suffered a handicappers penalty from their last run either.

Some of you are reading the rules to the system and thinking about how to go about getting the qualifiers from the racing post everyday? Well the answer is that it can be done but it's a boring task to do. That's where it becomes more profitable for someone who wants the extra money that gambling can provide and why many systems are never over-bet. Laziness on the part of the punter. Mugs ring Thommo's tipping line simply because it's easier to lose money than it is to win it. FACT. Just ask Gerry Attric.

Well you don't have to be one of the one's to constantly miss out. This system won't make you rich overnight but as part of a racing system's portfolio It could damn well put a big bunce in your pockets over the span of the rest of your gambling lifetime. So how does one go about making the process of finding the system's selections easier? How is one supposed to go about betting on these, how should one organise one's betting bank to maximise profits and protect against losing runs? See the related posts heading below.

Here's the spreadsheet for the results going back 10 years.

Update 10th Feb '09:

Qualifiers to date: 1020
Strike Rate: 16%
Highest Odds: 25/1 Lowest Odds: 4/1
Profit To 1 Point Level Stakes: 375
Return On Investment: 37%!!!
Longest Losing Run: 26 (once)
Losing Run Of 20 or More: 3 times
Losing Run Of 15 or More: 10 times
Losing Run of 10 or more: 34 times

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